We help solar and roofing companies acquire new customers exclusively

We work on a pay-per-result basis! Let the pros handle your ads.

If we do not bring 20+ appointments with homeowners to your business, you will NOT pay us anything.




We are Tradvert, and we know that client results are the biggest thing that matters, after a lot of experience we know what works. We will help you scale and grow your solar or roofing business

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Efficient and Reliable Strategies to Attract Clients for Your Roofing or Solar Business

It’s the eternal problem for all $1 million, $5 million and $10 million-plus roofing or solar companies.

Solar and Roofing companies are looking for a way that works, they want to stand out in the market in the best possible way, but the problem is poor marketing or its absence.

The solar market is becoming more and more saturated, and customers have more and more options to choose from.

That is why it is so important to constantly improve your marketing activities to be able to compete effectively in the increasingly saturated market.

Therefore, we help owners of solar or roofing companies to gain high-quality customers with our developed strategy.

Our Tradvert system creates great opportunities for these industries, this is how we make our clients win.

Telemarketing billboards, and knocking on doors are a thing of the past, our strategy works much better.

What our clients say

"While working with Hubert, we gained over 20 leads in less than 24 hours, and his system automatically arranges me and my sales reps to meet the homeowners.

On the same day I decided to cooperate with him, the ad was already set up and running live. I strongly recommend him"


Craftco Energy

Trusted also by:


Jane Doe

Simple Company

Our approach

Set up campaign

We have proven strategies to guarantee your company leads and appointments from day one.

We will set you up in less than 48 hours.

Building special offer

Instead of generic solar ads which everybody is using.

We use offers that homeowners are interested in.

Desiging funnel and automations

We use a special funnel instead of simple Facebook lead form, we want the best quality of leads for you.

Special automations designed for your bussines to stay in touch with homeowners

We only work with Solar and roofing companies.

We are a special lead gen company that only works with solar and roofing companies - NOBODY ELSE.

We do not work with any other industry. We use dedicated ads to locate and attract motivated, qualified homeowners "ready to buy solar or new roof".

That's how we fully understand your industry.

Our System Tradvert

We will help you close that sale.

Owning a business can be difficult and overwhelming, you need to be organized. Our strategy will automatically schedule appointments with homeowners on your company calendar.

Our system is easy to use and has the option of ONE PLATFORM with all Facebook, SMS, Instagram, and E-MAIL messages, contact with potential customers is not a nightmare, you do not have to jump from one platform to another.

Tradvert system has many more benefits in one accessible platform purpose-built for solar and roofing companies.

Our Services

Fresh & Exclusive Lead Generation​​


All leads are exclusive to your business.

We build you your very own lead generation funnel.

We want you to win with us.

We help you grow your brand

Grow your business with us and make it known in your local community.

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